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Shop Evaluation Application

Hello again from The Law Shop By Skogerson McGinn LLC (“TLS”)!
Good news! We did not find any potential conflicts! Time for the next step!

As a quick recap, here is how our client onboarding process works:

Step 1 – Conflicts Check – to ensure we have not represent anyone else with interests adverse to yours.
Step 2 – Shop Evaluation Application – to determine whether we can assist with your particular legal matter.
Step 3 – Appointment Scheduling – to meet with a TLS attorney about your case or transaction.

We recognize some law firms offer free consultations. Other firms charge large fees for an initial meeting. The Law Shop charges a $150 flat fee (unless the legal matter is personal injury or workers compensation) for a Shop Evaluation because you will receive valuable information and work together with a Shop Attorney on a customized legal services plan during your session with a TLS attorney. As many of our own clients have shared with us, it’s worth the price of admission!

"Working with Amy was wonderful!  Her advice and support gave me the courage to live life again.  I was content with the way things were, but after talking to Amy and going through the process, I can LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!  Thank you!!" - Cindy
I am so happy I chose Amy to help me work through my divorce. She made this unknown process to me VERY manageable and “made it all happen” when I didn’t have a clue as to where to even begin. Amy has a warm and welcoming personality that made me feel really important, not just a paying client but a person who she truly had a big heart to help!! She wanted to hear my story and made sure to give me hugs when she knew I needed them! – Erica
"When I met Amy, I knew I had found the right person to handle my divorce. Not only was she compassionate but she was honest - I could trust her to give it to me straight. At the same time, she looked into all of my concerns through the lens of the law, logic and love. She kept me grounded during a time that was chaotic. And we were able to stay focused on what mattered most - my kids." – Jenny
“When we started the adoption process and didn’t know what to expect, Amy helped us through the whole process. She got us information in a timely manner and we were able to do all the preparations through email since we live over an hour away. We will use The Law Shop in the future when the need arises!” – Bill & Elaine