Child Welfare Services

The Law Shop provides private representation and/or professional guidance in Iowa for parents, children, and others in the following types of child welfare matters:

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Child in Need of Assistance (CINA)

Parent, child, or intervenor representation in a state action involving the legal parents of minor child based upon alleged abuse or neglect of a minor child. Goal of action is reunification of child with parent(s).

Termination of Parental Rights (state action)

Parent representation in defense of a state action to terminate the legal rights of such parent based upon the best interests of minor child and satisfaction of specified factors.

Juvenile Appeal

Action seeking to have specified actions of the district court considered by an appellate court.

“Whenever I find out Amy is on the other side of a case I know we will be operating in integrity and fairness.” - Kimberly J. Stamatelos, Attorney / Author of “The Compassionate Lawyer” / Co-Founder of The Compassionate Alliance
“Amy was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. I was dealing with the overwhelming emotions involved in the divorce process. Amy walked me through the process and made it easy. She answered my questions, no matter how trivial and took time out of her day to come meet with me rather than making me come to her. Amy did a wonderful job of making a difficult time less difficult. Now I can focus on living my best life possible with my children.” – Kayla
Amy I wanted to take a minute and let you know how AMAZING you and your team were in one of the scariest, uncertain, overwhelming time in my life. Over and over again you and your team processed with me, talked me off the ledge, informed me, let me vent, gave me a hug, I could go on and on. But bottom line you took care of everything. You all aren't just a "firm" or "attorneys" you are loving, caring, supportive and so many other things wrapped into one. I am thankfully blessed and continue to be by you and your team. Thank you doesn't seem like enough. But me and my boys will forever be grateful for you and your team. Hugs and much love, Kelly
“Amy Skogerson has provided top notch legal services for our entire family!” - JoEllen