WHO: Shop Attorneys from The Law Shop by Skogerson McGinn LLC

WHAT: Iowa lawyers bringing quality legal services to the heart of your local community

WHEN: Wednesdays 9am – 4pm

WHERE: The Roundhouse Coworking Space, 301 W. Montgomery Street, Creston, Iowa 50801

WHY: TLS attorneys and staff members are proud of our own local origins, most of which are right here in rural and small town Iowa. We love supporting our own roots by providing services in communities currently in need of additional quality legal counsel to assist with the most common types of legal matters.

If you believe your community could benefit from having The Pop Up Law Shop visit your local area, simply complete the form below to submit a request and we’ll be in touch.

“We are thankful to Amy for helping our family become complete!  Her caring and compassion really made our adoption process go smoothly!  She definitely holds a special place in our hearts.”  - Jana
“I have enjoyed working with Amy on several projects over the years. She brings good ideas and much enthusiasm to the table. She also is open minded to other’s suggestions and willing to work on those ideas as well.” ~Phil Garland, Attorney, Garner, Iowa
"I cannot recommend Amy highly enough. She was everything I was looking for in a collaborative divorce lawyer: understanding, nonjudgmental, caring. Amy was prepared for every meeting and was prompt and efficient in completing whatever tasks became her responsibility. I could trust her to bring my best interests to any and all discussions; I knew she had my back through the entire process. I couldn't ask for anything more." - Ben
“Skogerson Law provides friendly, fast service! I was more than satisfied with the results of my custody modification and always felt like my case was at the top of the to do list. There is no question that I will use Skogerson Law for any future needs!” - Jessica