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The Law Shop provides private representation and/or professional guidance in Iowa for the following types of family law matters:

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Premarital a/k/a Prenuptial Agreement

Written agreement entered into by a couple prior to marriage that establishes a plan for how financial issues will be addressed between the parties in the event you need to untie the knot (which can sometimes occur for unexpected reasons) or sometimes death.

Establishes rights in relation to premarital assets and debts, financial transactions during marriage, division of assets and debts and spousal support in the event the marriage ends, surviving spouse rights in the event of death.

Divorce a/k/a Dissolution of Marriage

Action to dissolve or end a marriage and establish rights and duties in relation to minor child(ren) as well as divide marital assets and debts.

Issues include but may not be limited to legal custody, physical care, child support and expenses, health insurance, post-secondary education costs, child tax credits, parenting plan, division of assets and debts, spousal support a/k/a alimony (if applicable).

Separate Maintenance

Action identical to divorce, but without legal termination of the marriage; final order may have limited duration such as one year.

Issues include legal custody, physical care, child support and expenses, health insurance, post-secondary education costs, child tax credits, parenting plan, division of assets and debts, spousal support a/k/a alimony (if applicable).


Action to void an existing marriage based on illegality, impotency, bigamy, or incompetency.


Action seeking establishment as legal parent of minor or adult child based on best interests of child and satisfaction of specified prerequisites.

*Termination of parental rights required prior to adoption unless child’s legal parent(s) is/are deceased.

Termination of Parental Rights (private action)

Private action to terminate legal rights of minor child’s parent(s) based on best interests of minor child and satisfaction of specified factors.

*Required prior to adoption of minor child unless child’s legal parent is deceased.

Paternity / Child Custody

Action to establish rights and duties in relation to a minor child whose parents were not married at time of child’s conception or birth.

Issues include legal custody, physical care, child support and expenses, health insurance, child tax credits, and parenting plan.

Child Support

Action to establish financial support of minor child(ren) based on Iowa Child Support Guidelines.

Issues include child support and expenses, health insurance, and child tax credits.

Modification of Child Custody, Child Support, and/or Spousal Support

Action to change an existing child custody, child support, and/or spousal support order.

Typically requires occurrence of a material and substantial change in circumstances since entry of the most recent court order establishing custody and/or support as well as the meeting of other relevant legal requirements.


Action seeking to hold another responsible for intentionally disobeying a court order.

Potential remedies vary depending on the alleged wrongdoing and other relevant factors.

Disestablishment of Paternity

Action to disestablish a person as the legal parent of a child if blood or genetic testing indicates that there is no biological relationship between such individuals.


Action seeking to declare a minor child as a legal adult prior to age 18 based upon satisfaction of specified factors.

Civil Protective Order

Action seeking order for protection from domestic abuse.

Requires a domestic relationship plus an act causing harm or placing another in fear of imminent harm plus the ability to act OR intentionally pointing a firearm or dangerous weapon at another.

Family Law Appeal

Action within a required timeframe following entry of an order by a district court seeking to have such order reviewed and reversed by a higher court.

No new evidence can be included in the review as the higher court only looks at what was said and done in district court.

"In 2015 we started the journey to become foster parents. We had 3 biological daughters, but foster care was tugging on our heart strings. We completed all the paperwork & classes in the summer of 2016 & had two babies placed in our home in August that year. Our hearts doubled in size as we became a family of 7. Foster Care is an emotional roller coaster, there’s really no other way to put it, and in 2019 we were approved to adopt. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend we found The Law Shop! They were wonderful to work with, very efficient, quick, and understanding. The Law Shop helped us become a Forever Family & for that I am Forever grateful!" – Shantelle
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