Rural Water

The Law Shop offers the following representation services and professional guidance for rural water districts and associations (non-profit or 357A) within the State of Iowa:

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Board Member Training

General training of new and existing board members on district or association protocols, board member duties and responsibilities, and public body legal authorities where applicable.

Board of Director Meetings

Meeting attendance to provide general legal guidance as needed and maintain firsthand working knowledge of relevant protocols, issues and concerns impacting the district or association.

Agendas and Minutes

Preparation of board and member meeting agendas and minutes consistent with the best interests of the district or association as well as laws regarding open records and meetings where applicable.

Rules and Regulations

Review of existing policies and drafting of new or amended policies for district or association rules and regulations.

Open Records and Meetings

Guidance on and drafting of documents in compliance with relevant laws regarding open records and meetings where applicable.

Public Bidding

Guidance on compliance with public bidding requirements for district or association construction projects where applicable.

Easements and Land Acquisitions

Preparation of standard easement and water user agreement forms; review of easements and supporting documentation prior to filing with county recorder; preparation and filing of land acquisition or disposal documents.

Franchise Proceedings

Active involvement with district or association, city council, and county proceedings relating to potential water or sewer franchises; document drafting for franchise proceedings.

Public Notices

Preparation of public notices required by law; arrangements for publication of notices unless publication is handled directly by district or association.

Professional/Project Liaison

Liaison services when needed for projects and other matters involving others such as customers, engineers, contractors, city councils, outside entities, government agencies, project sponsors, lenders, bond counsel, litigation counsel, etc.

28E Agreements

Negotiation, drafting and review of intergovernmental agreements that allow a public body or bodies to provide a specified service or services to citizens or members in a more cost-effective manner.

Debt Collection

Advising as to filing of actions in small claims court ($6,500 or less) and filing utility liens with the county treasurer for collection with property taxes; referrals to litigation counsel for larger debt collection claims (>$6,500) requiring action in district court.

Employment Matters

General guidance on employee matters and handbook as well as referral to employment law counsel or other experts as may be needed from time to time.

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