Legal Professional Development

Work ON your business, not just IN it.

  • Workshops (10+ people)

  • Based on colleague demand or organization request, we periodically offer this in person, online or hybrid full day professional training on growing a successful unbundled legal services practice. This workshop is led by The Law Shop Co-Founders AJ Skogerson and Andrea McGinn. Cost per person is approximately $360 per person.

Past Workshops

2023 – Transactional Law Trilogy – April 13th through June 29th
2022.11.11 TLS Academy Attorney Workshop
2022.01.28 TLS Academy Attorney Workshop
2021.04.23 TLS Academy Attorney Workshop
2021.04.08 TLS Academy Staff Workshop
2020.02.28 TLS Academy Attorney Workshop
2019.10.11 TLS Academy Attorney Workshop
2019.09.13 TLS Academy Staff Workshop
2019.06.14 TLS Academy Attorney Workshop
2019.06.14 TLS Academy Attorney Workshop 2

  • Group Coaching (3 to 9 people)

  • This is our full basic workshop on growing a successful unbundled legal services practice stretched out over six one-hour in person or online sessions led by either AJ Skogerson or Andrea McGinn. Group coaching can be set up as an hour per week for six weeks, an hour per month for six months, or anywhere in between based on how you wish to schedule it. Cost is $500 per person for full six-hour series due in advance of first session OR $100 per person per session due in advance of each session.

Private Coaching (1-2 people)

    • This is one-on-one professional coaching with either AJ Skogerson or Andrea McGinn for you and your business, custom designed to assist with your own unique educational needs, requests, or professional challenges. Cost is $300 per hour for one person or $400 per hour for two people.
  • Presentations

  • This is a 60 to 90 minute presentation by either AJ Skogerson or Andrea McGinn designed for educating professional organizations, business, or the public on unbundled legal services, business organization and systems, legal marketing, and related topics. Call TLS at +1 515.996.4045 for cost information.
  • The Law Shop Library

  • The Library is fee-based membership service for non-Iowa lawyers desiring to create a Law Shop of their own. Library cardholders have access to the following benefits (which can be used, skipped, or adapted according to membership terms of use):

• Authorized use of TLS logo
• Training on TLS office systems
• TLS branded forms and templates
• One-on-one monthly coaching
• Annual site visits
• TLS swag shop
• Occasional educational materials and pre-recorded sessions
• Authorized use of TLS website design and/or elements
• Sample marketing materials for social media

“Amy has been a great volunteer for Y Camp, earning our Volunteer of the Year Award first in 2012 and then again with her husband Erik in 2014.  She will be Y Camp’s first female Board Chairperson, having already served as Vice Chairperson and Chair of the Property Committee.  She also organized a great community event fundraiser for camp.  Amy has been and continues to be one of our best volunteers, she truly cares about serving others!”  ~David Sherry, Executive Director, Des Moines YMCA Camp
"Andrea, you're a blessing to us, and words can't explain how deeply happy we are that we chose you to be a part of our lives. Sincerely, we couldn't have done it without you. Your commitment to your work is very appreciated, and we will never forget this. We will definitely stay in touch. I guess you can say I've chosen an outstanding attorney. :) Thank you very much for all your hard work!" – Luis and Amanda
“Amy Skogerson has provided top notch legal services for our entire family!” - JoEllen
Amy I wanted to take a minute and let you know how AMAZING you and your team were in one of the scariest, uncertain, overwhelming time in my life. Over and over again you and your team processed with me, talked me off the ledge, informed me, let me vent, gave me a hug, I could go on and on. But bottom line you took care of everything. You all aren't just a "firm" or "attorneys" you are loving, caring, supportive and so many other things wrapped into one. I am thankfully blessed and continue to be by you and your team. Thank you doesn't seem like enough. But me and my boys will forever be grateful for you and your team. Hugs and much love, Kelly