Your Guide to Contingency Fees

We strive for clarity and fairness in our fee structure, ensuring you know exactly what to expect. Here’s how our contingency fees work:

Attorney Fees

If we successfully recover funds on your behalf, we receive one-third (1/3) of the total recovery before anyone else is paid.

No Win, No Fee

You won’t owe us attorney fees if there’s no financial recovery.

Case Expenses

We’re reimbursed for expenses related to building your case, which are paid after attorney fees but before your net recovery.

Non-Monetary Cases

You’re responsible for our fees based on the current value of your recovery, even if it’s not in cash or immediate.

Gross Recovery

We calculate attorney fees on the total gross amount won, regardless of deductions.


If another firm works with us on your case, we’ll detail how fees are divided and seek your consent.

Advance Expenses

While we typically cover costs upfront, we may request you cover additional expenses if the case takes a turn against our advice.

Direct Payments

We can settle any case-related debts from your recovery share.

Net Recovery

After attorney fees and expenses are settled, the remaining recovery is yours.

Additionally, we understand that circumstances may change:

Withdrawal or Termination

If we must withdraw or you decide to terminate our representation before your case concludes, we kindly ask that you cover the case expenses and reasonable attorney fees incurred to date. This ensures we can maintain the high-quality legal services we’ve provided for your case.

Our commitment is steadfast: we aim to make high-caliber legal help accessible without upfront costs or financial risk to you. If there’s no recovery, you owe us nothing in attorney fees.

Understanding Liens on Your Recovery

Sometimes, others might have a legal claim to a portion of your settlement due to payments they’ve made for you. Here’s what that means:

Liens from Payments

If your health insurer or others pay for your medical treatment related to your case, they may have a right to be repaid from your recovery.

Repayment from Settlement

If these entities file a lien and you receive a settlement or judgment, we are legally obliged to pay them back.

Payment Order

This repayment is taken from your share of the recovery after our attorney fees and case expenses are accounted for.

We handle these matters with utmost care to ensure that any liens are satisfied according to the law, keeping you informed every step of the way.

"Not going to lie, my divorce was the worst time of my life. But through compassion, education, and immense knowledge of the law, Amy helped the process be as it could have been. She helped me understand my options and I chose with an educated view of both sides. The biggest benefits to using Amy and her firm are: 1. Compassion for both parties. They support and work for you, but will let you know what they’ve seen with their experiences in the field and the potential impacts to my decisions. Also compassion doesn’t equal pushover by any means. 2. Timeliness: Amy, Andrea, and others responded right away. My ex’s lawyer took a week for some answers. Given the entire process once I involved Amy took 10 weeks, I felt like I mattered and not just a number. Everyone’s divorce process and timelines may be different, but knowing I could TEXT or CALL multiple people and get a prompt response took stress away during a stressful time. 3. Knowledge: Been there, done that. Doesn’t influence either way, just educates and helps you make the choices. It was my divorce and knowing what Amy had seen in past cases helped me make some tough decisions. 4. Cost: Fair rates compared to the other rates I was quoted at the big Des Moines firms. If you don’t believe me, go and have a consultation with Amy, Andrea, or anyone else who is there as multiple people helped me through the process. You will see the reasons why they stand out vs the big firms." – Ty
“We are thankful to Amy for helping our family become complete!  Her caring and compassion really made our adoption process go smoothly!  She definitely holds a special place in our hearts.”  - Jana
"I cannot recommend Amy highly enough. She was everything I was looking for in a collaborative divorce lawyer: understanding, nonjudgmental, caring. Amy was prepared for every meeting and was prompt and efficient in completing whatever tasks became her responsibility. I could trust her to bring my best interests to any and all discussions; I knew she had my back through the entire process. I couldn't ask for anything more." - Ben
“In working with Amy in my Collaborative divorce was needless to say a pleasure. Although divorces are one of the most depressing things to go through in life, it also happens. The thing to remember in any case such as divorce, sickness and death, each person needs to realize they will have to go through it. Surround yourself with good people, your ideals need to match your tools going into anything. As a multi business owner, I too find the hammer that fits the hand. Amy and her team worked due diligently on all aspects from beginning to end. No matter how much a person feels the process is un-fair or un-just, this team will make sure it is. The emotional support is unbelievable, when you feel lost, Amy will find you and put you on the right path. This is not common amongst the other attorneys I’ve worked with on a daily basis. I have found a great friend that has stuck with me all the way through and yet years after on clarification of what happened. The best thing you will ever take from this is these words I carry with me today ‘this won’t last forever’ ‘the way you feel today will be a memory’ Take these words and live by them because Amy and her team truly understand what each of us is going through.” – Jeremiah