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I’ve been where you are.  That is why when you enter my office for the first time I want you to feel this is a safe space where I not only listen to you, I understand you. I will do my utmost to be friendly and accessible, and thoroughly explain all legal proceedings so that you are confident and secure in the legal advice and assistance I am providing you.  My ultimate goal is that you emerge from your legal matter whole, satisfied, and taken care of at every step in the process.

Since graduating from Drake Law School and my admittance to the Iowa Bar in April of 2005, I have practiced primarily in the field of family law, assisting families through divorce and custody matters.  About four years ago, following my own family’s struggle with my mother’s Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, I decided to expand my practice to include work in the probate arena.  Since then I have found great personal fulfillment helping families find the necessary resources to take care of their loved ones by guiding them through the guardianship and conservatorship process with dignity and compassion.  I also work with my clients to be future-focused and develop comprehensive estate plans that ensure they and their loved ones will be protected against the uncertainties that life inevitably throws our direction.

No matter what your legal need, it is my primary objective to assist you in reaching an amicable resolution without the need for formal litigation, and the stress, time, and money it costs everyone involved.  I am a certified family law mediator and recently completed my training as a collaborative professional.  For me, a team approach is almost always the best approach.  However, I know that sometimes it is not possible to bring all parties to the negotiating table.  In that case, I am also a confident litigator.  So, if you need someone to go to bat for you in the courtroom, I am ready and willing to accept the challenge.

Since I also understand the need for a good work/life balance, on the weekends you can often find me with my husband, Bill, and our fur-babies taking pride in Iowa’s growth and opportunities by enjoying various events, festivals, and restaurants all over the state.  As a self-professed “foodie,” if you need a suggestion for a tasty delight, chances are I’ve been there, tried that! I recently discovered the joy of biking in and around Des Moines, and even though I’m not good, I also can be found “relaxing” with friends during a round or two of golf.  When time allows, I also love to travel.  Recent adventures include hiking in the Black Hills, SD, going on a Maine windjammer cruise throughout Penobscot Bay, and taking in our nation’s history in Washington, D.C., Gettysburg, PA, and Fredericksburg, VA.

Cynthia Bahls, Iowa Collaborative Law Family Attorney


GAIN (Guardianship Association of Iowa Network) – Board Member
Dallas County Bar Association – Treasurer
Iowa Collaborative Divorce – Member
Polk County Bar Association – Member
Iowa State Bar Association – Family & Juvenile Law Section Member
Iowa State Bar Association – Probate Section Member
Plymouth Congregational Chancel Choir – Member
DCBA – President
Board of Music and Fine Arts – Member – Plymouth Congregational Church
Chancel Choir Council – Member – Plymouth Congregational Church


American Bar Association
Polk County Bar Association Volunteer Lawyer’s Project
Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Court Appointed Special Advocate
Drake Law Women
Volunteer dog and cat companion with Animal Rescue League of Iowa
Marberry Law Firm P.C., Associate
EMC Risk Services
Hope Law Firm P.L.C., Associate
Sporer and Flanagan P.L.L.C., Associate
Corwin, Armstrong & Lange, Owner
Lange Legal Services, L.L.C., Owner
DCBA – Secretary and Treasurer

“Definitely would say Andrea was a great lawyer and was there anytime we had questions/concerns. Everything we needed done was done, and we couldn’t have asked for a smoother, painless process. We did and still do appreciate the time she put into our situation and making our dreams come true about us finally becoming a family!!” – Melissa and Joe
“In working with Amy in my Collaborative divorce was needless to say a pleasure. Although divorces are one of the most depressing things to go through in life, it also happens. The thing to remember in any case such as divorce, sickness and death, each person needs to realize they will have to go through it. Surround yourself with good people, your ideals need to match your tools going into anything. As a multi business owner, I too find the hammer that fits the hand. Amy and her team worked due diligently on all aspects from beginning to end. No matter how much a person feels the process is un-fair or un-just, this team will make sure it is. The emotional support is unbelievable, when you feel lost, Amy will find you and put you on the right path. This is not common amongst the other attorneys I’ve worked with on a daily basis. I have found a great friend that has stuck with me all the way through and yet years after on clarification of what happened. The best thing you will ever take from this is these words I carry with me today ‘this won’t last forever’ ‘the way you feel today will be a memory’ Take these words and live by them because Amy and her team truly understand what each of us is going through.” – Jeremiah
Amy I wanted to take a minute and let you know how AMAZING you and your team were in one of the scariest, uncertain, overwhelming time in my life. Over and over again you and your team processed with me, talked me off the ledge, informed me, let me vent, gave me a hug, I could go on and on. But bottom line you took care of everything. You all aren't just a "firm" or "attorneys" you are loving, caring, supportive and so many other things wrapped into one. I am thankfully blessed and continue to be by you and your team. Thank you doesn't seem like enough. But me and my boys will forever be grateful for you and your team. Hugs and much love, Kelly
"Andrea, you're a blessing to us, and words can't explain how deeply happy we are that we chose you to be a part of our lives. Sincerely, we couldn't have done it without you. Your commitment to your work is very appreciated, and we will never forget this. We will definitely stay in touch. I guess you can say I've chosen an outstanding attorney. :) Thank you very much for all your hard work!" – Luis and Amanda