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“Do No Harm, But Take No Bull.”

While I may not know you, or how interesting it may (or may not) be reading about the lives of the lawyers at The Law Shop, I imagine you’re looking for a spark or a connection. Something that tells you that when it comes to finding a lawyer, I am your person- someone you want walking along side you through the unknown. I can’t know the feelings with which you are sitting, but I imagine it weighs heavily on your mind. You can expect me to pay attention to the details and the “little things.” You can also expect me to provide encouragement while you are working through tough times as well as to be creative in writing an eloquent preface to your own next chapter. If I could be reduced to a few adjectives, I’m told my most pronounced characteristics are empathy, kindness, determination, perseverance, and grit. I’d like to think I’m a healthy ratio of all five.

How did I get here, an attorney at The Law Shop? Well, to start from the beginning, I had a great early childhood being raised on a farm with grandparents living a stone’s throw in all directions from our family home and a Huffy bike to get me to any one of them. My nickname is ‘Sparkplug’ as I kept a spent one out of a 454 big block Chevy being worked on by my Dad. We always had too many barn cats and a trusty farm dog.

My parents divorced when I was 10 years old. Their divorce had a profound effect on my siblings, my parents, and me. I did not have a great impression of the process, the judicial system, or the characters involved. So when I decided to go to law school after a decade of being an accountant in the automotive industry, family law was not of particular interest to me. I actively avoided it and consumed everything criminal law. But, like all things meant to be, organically I fell in rhythm to the beating drum of family law. Now I’m hooked and I can’t imagine not practicing in family law! Particularly, divorce. Weird, huh? That is what I like about life: it always has a way of making the punchline of a joke bittersweet. I get to take what I learned and experienced as a kid and do better for those I serve.

I’ve never known the “right” thing to say and I’ve always been awkward in my own way. However, I am an open book for the most part and enjoy listening to the stories of my clients and sharing my own as well, especially when it may be helpful to others in my work and personal relationships. I look forward to helping you author the next chapter in your own life story.

Kelly serves clients in and around Judicial District 2B, which includes the following county seats: Marshalltown, Nevada, Boone, Jefferson, Fort Dodge, Webster City, Eldora, Grundy Center, Toledo (also licensed in Meskwaki Tribal Court), Carroll, Rockwell City, Sac City, Pocahontas, Dakota City, and Clarion.

Family Law – Divorce; Paternity; Child Custody; Child Support; Alimony; Interstate Jurisdictional Issues

Criminal Defense – Operating While Intoxicated

Lawyser, Kelly Grossman
“Amy’s approach to family law is to have a smile on her face and assure you that everything will be ok, because it will be. This is not a fight, but peaceful interaction between the parties to come to a conclusion that works for everyone. I never would have thought that mediation would work, and I was so wrong. My relationship with our kids is not one of weekly visitations, rather a co-parenting agreement that works for the best interest of our children.”  ~Jim
“Amy has been a great volunteer for Y Camp, earning our Volunteer of the Year Award first in 2012 and then again with her husband Erik in 2014.  She will be Y Camp’s first female Board Chairperson, having already served as Vice Chairperson and Chair of the Property Committee.  She also organized a great community event fundraiser for camp.  Amy has been and continues to be one of our best volunteers, she truly cares about serving others!”  ~David Sherry, Executive Director, Des Moines YMCA Camp
“Getting divorced was never on my radar. It was a huge, horrible, unexpected shock. Working with Amy was a lifeline in many ways. Of course, her knowledge of the law was top-notch. But more than that was the care she showed me. Every meeting ended in a very tight hug. I get teary-eyed even now remembering it. She was very patient, willing to answer every single question I had (& still does when things pop up).  She listened and let me lead the way, but was also very clear in offering advice in areas that might work out better in a way I hadn’t thought of. I think the most glowing praise I can give her is that I have found out my ex has referred friends to Amy instead of the lawyer he used in our divorce!” - Heidi
“When we started the adoption process and didn’t know what to expect, Amy helped us through the whole process. She got us information in a timely manner and we were able to do all the preparations through email since we live over an hour away. We will use The Law Shop in the future when the need arises!” – Bill & Elaine